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Dura-Block® is a Trade Associates, Inc. brand. Founded in 1981, Trade Associates is widely recognized as an industry leader in developing innovative tool products available from many major retailers worldwide.

This web site is used for information, all products are sold by Trade Associates Inc, through the RC Aerodyne website located at www.ScaleFlying.com.


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007 HVLP Spray Gun

The 007 Extreme Performance Spray Gun is the only gun on the market that lets you easily detach the head and cup from the rest of the gun and swap with with another head and cup assembly.
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Sanding Blocks

Thousands of body shops in the U.S. and internationally have incorporated the ever-growing line of Dura-Block® sanding blocks into their toolbox, making them one of the top-selling blocks in the world.
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Professional Air Tools

We offer a wide range of high performance air tools including sanders, buffers, drills, nibblers, die grinders, wrenches and more, which are available from many major retailers worldwide.
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