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Our Kent, Washington Headquarters
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Our Kent, Washington Headquarters

Since 1981 Trade Associates has supplied top quality industrial tools under the Air Force, Mark 1, Dura-Block and other private brand names. Aggressive quality control and strong customer support back up every product we deliver. A worldwide network of suppliers and inspectors delivers the best products available. We feature premium tools! From our Made in USA products to our professional line of Spray Guns, every Trade Associates product is inspected, tested and supported by a worldwide team of experts.

Prompt customer support for our products is accomplished through our toll-free Customer Hot Line (1-800-537-5455) and our complete inventory of parts for everything we sell. Calling our Hot Line puts you directly in touch with experts who can answer questions, trouble shoot your tool or quickly send you the parts you need. You speak to real people and get real results. We provide versatile, customer friendly merchandising displays, award winning packaging and a full mix of products. Because of this, we are able to tailor a personalized response to fit each customer’s specific needs.

Whether it’s a farm store or a big box retailer, our flexibility helps ensure success for each customer. Our pricing programs are also tailored to the needs of each customer. We offer FOB country of origin, FOB destination, warehouse distribution or product drop shipped directly to store locations.

In addition to our finished products division, we offer international sourcing and delivery of OEM parts for assembly and finished products in private label packaging. Parts of aluminum forging, extruding, die casting and machining as well as a wide variety of steel, plastic and other materials are supplied to manufacturers worldwide. For more information, item pricing or to place an order, contact us today.

Our Kent, Washington Headquarters
Our Kent, Washington Headquarters
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